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Bath Accessories Set


Cylindrical Clear Semitransparent Bathroom Accessories Set

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Cylindrical Clear Semitransparent Bathroon Accessories Set

Product Description :

Model : RB0101C

1. Bath suite : Lotion soap dispenser with pump,Soap dish,Toothbrush holder,Tumbler,Toilet bowl brush and holder,dustbin

2. Material: PS + ABS  , durable,Not easy to break, colorful,Pass ROHS,Eco. Unique.

Better than ceramics and glass to usage for the bathroom.

Be popular in the market for home decoration.

3. Color : Marble ,Wood Grain, Clear, Transparent blue, Solid white, Customized Color.

4. Printing : Can be do CMYK full color offset printing with your sketch.

5. Crafts : Plastic injection molding Mass production

6. Molding: All the photo product, we all have the existing molding.

7. Accept to open a new molding with your new product design.


Product Size :

RB0101C-T     Tumber                        φ72 * φ72 * H114mm

RB0101C-TH   Toothbrush Holder         φ72 * φ72  * H114mm

RB0101C-LD(H)     Lotion Dispenser      φ72 * φ72  *H173mm

RB0101C-LD(S)   Lotion Dispenser        φ90 * φ80  *H122mm

RB0101C-SD     Soap Dish                    φ130 * φ90 * H30mm

RB0101C-TBH   Toilet Brush Holder       φ9.8 * φ9.8 * H37cm

RB0101C-CSC   Cotton Swab Canister    φ9 * φ9 * H8.6cm




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